Start Advertising Free Stuff (even if you don’t have any)

People like free sh*t. This is a universal truth, we have known this since we were children.  An ice cream sundae is great, but once you add that cherry on top, it becomes special.   In advertising we still make

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Urgent Matters: Time wins over Sell-Outs in Copywriting

Advertisers know how to harness urgency, the feeling that you’ll be missing out on the awesomeness that everyone else gets to enjoy.  The golden news is, there’s a specific kind of urgency that makes people jump into action. You’ll want

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Membership has its privileges. But some words are more privileged than others.

Writing subscription or membership ad copy offers its own unique challenges.  The basics aren’t enough.  This isn’t a one-time sale.  Converting a reader into a subscriber means asking for an ongoing commitment, and these calls-to-action play by their own rules.

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Get More out of Your Giveaways

It’s time for some free no cost, standalone content! After all, people like free, and when it’s content that supports your site or services–that’s a win-win for you. But how do you not only let people know you have it,

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Beware of Buzzwords

It’s the start of a new year, and with 5,000 years of recorded history to draw on, there are a few things we can say for certain. Around 25 million American smokers will try to kick the habit (2.8 million

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How to Score with the Best Dating Words

Ads for dating services can be just as competitive as the ads inside dating services.   When it comes to effectively using the best words in ads for dating sites, the evidence points to two things (that are so obvious that

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Convertasuarus’ response to “The 5 Most Persuasive Words in the English Language”

When a new article pops up talking about persuasive copy, everyone at SpyFu headquarters swarms to it, like bees around advertising honey. That’s because it is the single goal of our newest project, where you can take two phrases

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Better than Free

Let’s face it. People like free stuff. They’ll listen to you pitch your product if it means they get a t-shirt at the end, and putting a “free!” label on your ad should make your customers click through to get

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The Words that Appeal to Travelers

When planning a trip, there’s always two things that go on in a consumer’s mind, “How amazing is this adventure going to be?!” and “how much is this thing going to cost me?!” (or at least that’s what happens in my

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Black Friday ad writers can learn from Cyber Monday lessons

As shoppers look forward to incredible holiday deals this week, advertisers are pulling out every strategy to grab your attention and make you take action.  SpyFu’s new Convertasaurus has uncovered surefire ad copy lessons that could put these Black Friday

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Exclamations Aren’t Always Amazing.

Hold on to your hats, guys.  Punctuation doesn’t always steal the headlines, but this changes everything.  When it comes to conversions, there are distinct rules of thumb for when to use exclamation points or drop them from your call to

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Why Use Convertasaurus

You copy writers are risk takers. You get one shot. That’s the challenge with advertising special offers. People already have their guard up, so you have to nail the message if you hope to connect with them. Using copy writing

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