Why Use Convertasaurus

You copy writers are risk takers.

You get one shot. That’s the challenge with advertising special offers. People already have their guard up, so you have to nail the message if you hope to connect with them. Using copy writing advice from Convertasaurus means you don’t have to take those shots blind.

Once you’ve developed your main message, think about which words you choose to tell the story actually make people respond to your web content and sales copy. The right phrasing makes all the difference in getting the reader to take action. But knowing which one makes them call, click, buy, visit or read can be one of the hardest parts of writing.

Convertasaurus shares lessons taken directly from brands’ most successful ads. We found words and techniques (exclamation points, anyone?) you can use to make sure you’re optimizing your sales copy to convert.

Convertasaurus comes from the minds behind SpyFu. Working with millions upon millions of ads led us to spot how certain words win over others time and time again.

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