How to Score with the Best Dating Words

Ads for dating services can be just as competitive as the ads inside dating services.   When it comes to effectively using the best words in ads for dating sites, the evidence points to two things (that are so obvious that you may have forgotten them).  Focus on targeted populations, and communicate that your service will not waste users’ time.

You may think that the major question of wording comes down to a debate between using sex terms like “hot singles in your area tonight” versus relationship terms like “find your soulmate”.  However, Convertasaurus shows us that writing successful dating ad copy is much more simple than that.

Dating Words by EffectivenessOne, it turns out that looking for niches in dating is a pretty good bet.  Smaller market terms like “Jewish dating”, “gay dating” or “lesbian dating” are all good combinations.  Broader terms like “senior dating”, “Christian dating” or “online dating” are not as good for converting.

Looking at words involving “singles”, we see similar themes, but the niche patterns of smaller groups plays out even more prominently.   “gay singles”, “Latin singles”, “Muslim singles”, “black singles”, all perform better than broader terms like “Christian singles”, “local singles” or “senior singles”.  (BTW, “mature singles” appears in 1.6x more often in good ads than “senior singles” – they’d rather be called “mature” than “senior”.)

Singles Words by EffectivenessSo, searchers on the web like dating specialization.  But let’s try and figure out a little more about what people want when they type in the word “singles”.

The trick is that web searchers don’t want your service as much as they want reassurance that they aren’t going to waste their time.  “Singles now” is an OK term.  “Singles online now!” is better.  “Singles today”, even better.  Inform searchers that you have “Singles looking” or “singles near”, and you are hitting gold in communicating that you don’t just have profiles, you have people who are attainable.

Using phrases like “singles you” (i.e. “singles you deserve”) or “singles who” (i.e. “singles who love to hike”) is also are a great way of broadcasting that your service is a way for them to quickly meet exactly the type of person that they are looking for.

Convertasaurus proves that in the world of dating ads, showing you know the type of people visitors are looking for, and that they are nearby and available… that’s how you score a conversion.

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