The Words that Appeal to Travelers

When planning a trip, there’s always two things that go on in a consumer’s mind, “How amazing is this adventure going to be?!” and “how much is this thing going to cost me?!” (or at least that’s what happens in my mind.)

For an advertiser, you have to ask yourself: do you appeal to a customer’s sense of adventure, beauty and relaxation?  Or should you appeal to a person’s pocket book?

Using Convertasaurus we compared a bunch of words regarding travel, flights and hotels.  And it looks like travelers are attracted to the beauty of the destination, but the price of the journey. Let me explain what I mean.

The Plane!

When it comes to flying, customers think primarily with their pocket book.  So, “Save on flights” and “Cheap flights” entice customers to click much more than descriptive words like, “Flights to europe” or “Flights compare”.

So affordability is a really good thing; we could have probably guessed that.  But do you see what else is going on in that screenshot?  “Save on flights to seems to be even MORE awesome!

It turns out people already have a location in their mind and want flight deals “to” that place. So “Save on flights to” beats “Save on flights” every time.  This also applies to “Cheap flights to”, “Deals on flights to”, “Book flights to” and a many more.  Consumers want to know that they can save on the flights to the destinations they’re going.

Something else that might be surprising is that “Direct flights” is also a powerhouse word, much stronger than even “Save on flights to”.  So possibly time savings is more important than affordability.  But hold on!  Don’t disregard people’s desire to save money, “Direct flights” still loses to, “Deals on flights to”.
It seems like “Deals on Flights to” and “Direct Flights” are two of the best phrases to use regarding flying.  What we can take from this is that people want to save money on flights, but still get there quickly.  To give you the overall view of these words, here are the words in order of awesome.
  1. “Deals on flights to” – Winner!
  2. “Direct flights” – Still Awesome!
  3. “Save on flights to”
  4. “Save on Flights”
  5. “Deals on flights”
  6. “Cheap flights to”
  7. “Cheap flights”
  8. “Cheapest flights to”
  9. “Flights to Europe”

Bottom line for “flight” advertising:  
People want to get to their specific destination cheap and fast.  The final destination is important, but not even close to the importance of the price-tag.
…speaking of the destination,
The Hotel!

For hotel advertisers, it’s a stark contrast to flying.  Quick and affordable are destroyed when compared to beauty and elegance. As a matter of fact, “Beautiful hotel w/” and “Beautiful hotel” are some of the absolute top copy in this category.  They destroy the more bland descriptive words such as “Hotel located near” or “Official hotel rates”.

One of my more favorite battles is between “A luxury hotel in” and “Business hotel in” which are similar words, with completey different mind stets.  Turns out “A luxury hotel in” is a whopping 13 times more successful than “Business hotel in”.  It looks as though even business travelers want to be pampered from time to time.

Here’s the overall layout for hotels:

  1. “Beautiful hotel w/” – Winner!
  2. “Beautiful hotel” – Still Awesome!
  3. “Elegant hotel”
  4. “A luxury hotel in”
  5. “Business hotel in”
  6. “Hotel located near”
  7. “Official hotel rates”

Bottom line for “hotel” advertising: 
People are really hoping for beauty, luxury and elegance.  They seem to care more about this than the location, or the cost.

Final thoughts:
It seems as though people are generally okay with being put into a box and catapulted to their destination, just so long as they are surrounded in beauty and comfort when they get there.
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